Leedsafe's Valued Customers

Leedsafe believes all their customers are valued and ensure that we never forget that the lives of your staff and teams, depend on what we delivery. We have worked hard to secure our customers and strive to keep them happy. 

Here are some examples of how we have done this: - 


With 160 depots across the country construction company Downer need to be able to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) quickly and efficiently for new and existing staff.

So Leedsafe stepped up to the challenge, working in collaboration with Downer and their stationery supplier to develop an online portal that would streamline the purchase process and allow Downer staff up and down the country to quickly and easily buy the safety work wear and accessories they need. Read More >>> 


Plastics manufacturer, Marley, have four sites across the country and over 400 staff. They need a regular, fast and efficient supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hi-vis clothing. That’s why they made the change to Leedsafe. Read More >>>


In the fast-paced recruitment industry Matt Scoble, Waikato Area Manager of One Staff, needs to be able to get workers out on site without delay. So, the SmartSTORE™ system from Leedsafe works perfectly for him. Read More >> 

Lyttelton Port Company

At the bustling Lyttelton Port Company (LPC), Site Manager, Martin Ferriss needed things to work smoothly. It’s one of the reasons he uses Leedsafe. Read More >>


With a staff of some 1600, civil construction business Higgins, need a fast, reliable supplier when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE).

So when John Jessop came on board as Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Adviser, he was delighted to find one of his favourite PPE suppliers, Leedsafe, were already working with Higgins. Read More >>>