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Your own safety store on site for 24/7 access to the gear you need.

SmartSTORE is our onsite inventory management system that gives you immediate access to a range of gear at your location. We set up your own onsite store stocked with the products that your team needs so there's a replacement always on hand as soon as you need it.

SmartSTORE also automates stock levels and reordering to reduce invoices, downtime and administration costs.


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  SmartSTORE® Fast Facts

  • Immediate access to PPE stock on site 
  • No upfront expenses
  • Flexible stock levels
  • Pay only for what you use
  • One easy monthly invoice
  • Can include items with your logo 
  • Exclusive SmartSTORE app, (available on your iOS and Android)
  • Unlimited users in the app
  • Track and reallocate stock
  • Scanner and Tablet available (conditions to apply)
  • You can choose your own SmartSTORE layout.





By having our pre-approved PPE and safetywear onsite, you'll minimize the risk of team members selecting the wrong gear from a store, eliminate unnecessary downtime due to travel, and cut down transportation emissions.


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The Cabinet 

Upon registering your company for the SmartSTORE service, Leedsafe will arrange the provision of a cabinet fully stocked with a three-month supply of safety equipment. Subsequently, we will provide you with the key, granting you and your team round-the-clock access to your dedicated safety store.

You have the freedom to choose the ideal location for your SmartSTORE cabinet. Whether you prefer a designated room dedicated to SmartSTORE or a strategic placement within your existing setup, the decision is yours. We want to empower you with the flexibility to optimize the accessibility and convenience of your safety store.


"It’s fantastic just having the stock right there in the branch. There’s no one out there offering the same system, Leedsafe are second to none."
Matt Scoble - OneStaff Hamilton"

Click here for SmartSTORE Case Study! 

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Interested in how SmartSTORE® could save your company time and money?

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